Best LIC PolicyMoney Back Plans

20 Year Momey BackPlan 920

LIC Money Back Plan is a conventional plan which provides money back to the client at regular intervals. Money back helps the policyholder to utilize it or to further invest it for better returns as per their requirements.


LIC New Money Back Plan – USP’s

Let’s check some unique selling points of New Money Back Plan

  • Cover wide age group from 13 years to 50 years.
  • Risk cover up to 125% of sum assured from day 1.
  • Money back of 20% of sum assured every 5th year.
  • This Plan is available with helpful add-on riders like accidental rider and term rider for extra benefits to the policyholder.
  • Double tax benefit of section 80C and 10(10D).
  • Policyholders can avail loan facility on this plan after completing 3 years.

Maturity Benefit:

  • 20% of Basic Sum Assured is Payable After 5th, 10th and 15th year of Policy, And at Maturity 40% of Basic Sum Assured + Vested Bonus + FAB.

Death Claim Benefit:

  • Sum Assured on Death (125% of Basic Sum Assured) + Vested Bonus + FAB, if any

Eligibility Criteria:

     Minimum Age to Apply                           13 Years (Completed)
      Maximum Age to Apply                      50 Years (Nearest Birthday)
               Policy Term                                        20 Years
     Premium Paying Term                                   15 Year (Fixed)
     Maximum Maturity Age                                        70 Years
     Premium Paying Mode   Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly (NACH)
          Basic Sum Assured          100000 and above ( in multiple of 5000)
                          Loan                                    After 2 years